Why is Chimney cleaning important?

Lonestar Chimney Sweep specializes in chimney cleaning, servicing Dallas County. If you’re wondering if you need a chimney sweep, most likely you do! Inspecting your chimney is much more involved than simply shining a flashlight up and checking if it’s clean or not — that’s why we’re here! Ensure your safety for you and your loved ones by scheduling a chimney inspection with Lonestar Chimney Sweep.

In many cases, an accumulation of ash, soot, and creosote are the main causes of flue and chimney fires. Regular chimney maintenance will help prevent this from happening.

Other debris such as fallen mortar and dead animals can interfere with the proper chimney draft exhaust, causing additional safety issues. Let the experts at Lonestar Chimney Sweep do the cleaning and inspecting, and put your mind at ease.

How often should you have your chimney cleaned?

At Lonestar Chimney Sweep, we recommend that Dallas County occupants get their chimneys inspected annually for structural issues and dangerous chemical deposits, among other things. We’ll inspect your chimney to make sure it is up to code. Please get your chimney inspected yearly even with infrequent use, as this can be more dangerous because you may not immediately notice if the fireplace has code violations.  

When is the best time to clean your chimney?

The optimal time for a chimney sweep is right before the burning season, so late summer into early fall. Have your chimney serviced before the weather gets cold, to provide adequate time to schedule maintenance.

Call Lonestar Chimney Sweep to schedule a chimney inspection

No matter the time between your last chimney cleaning — whether it was routine last year, or it’s been a couple years — schedule a chimney sweep with Lonestar Chimney Sweep.

We proudly serve the residents of Dallas County, Texas.