What are the benefits of a chimney cap?

Installing a chimney top, especially in Texas, is important in preventing animals from getting inside your chimney. Squirrels, racoons, and snakes are notorious critters often found in chimneys, and this poses a problem because they can’t get out by themselves! Birds are also drawn to the warmth that comes from chimney, and build nests in or around them. Investing in a chimney top with mesh will help protect you from critters that want to come in.

If you have a chimney cap, this prevents the elements such as rain from getting in. It’s important to keep the chimney dry, as it can cause water damage to the ceilings or walls of your house. Wind can also pose a problem to chimneys without chimney tops; a downdraft on an open chimney can cause your home to fill with smoke, or unwanted bursts of cold air. When you install a chimney cap, this makes your home more energy efficient and more resistant to wind drafts.

Since Dallas County is a more humid climate, you don’t necessarily have to worry about embers sparking from your fireplace and up your chimney, but you may still want a chimney cap for that purpose. Burning embers from the fire below can get blasted into the chimney with the burning gases. Once they’re up in your chimney, they can potentially escape and cause a chimney fire and extend to your roof. Installing a chimney cap, in addition to regular chimney maintenance will prevent burning particles from escaping.

How do I know the right chimney cap to get?

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