If your house does not have a chimney cap, you are more susceptible to getting wildlife in your home! You may be in need of animal removal if a squirrel has found its way into your attic, a raccoon climbed down your chimney and into your house, or a bird made its nest and all you hear are birds singing day in and day out!

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Living in Dallas County, luckily, we don’t experience lions, tigers, or bears! We do, however, see the occasional squirrel, raccoon family, snakes, and birds finding their way into homes. Here are some thoughts we have on critter control in Texas.

Many people are concerned about the animals that are removed. Generally, the animals that are caught are released on-site or in a nearby habitat. Some scenarios do require the animals to be euthanized according to state law.

If you have squirrels – many times homeowners will attempt to remove squirrels, which can aggravate both parties involved! Although you can do a search on the internet about trapping squirrels into a hole, but these critters can easily chew around and through the area they’re trapped in. The most uncomplicated way to remove squirrels is to contact us here at Lonestar Chimney Sweep.

If you have a family of raccoons – raccoons often use chimneys as a birthing location for their babies. The internet might tell you to light a fire in hopes that the raccoons will evacuate, but this is a bad idea. This can be very dangerous, and can result in a house fire — not to mention cruelty to animals. In this situation, please call us!

If you’re in a hairy situation…

Squirrels and raccoons are just the tip of the animal kingdom when it comes to animal removal! We’ve seen bats, skunks, snakes, and more! If you need critter control, call us here at Lonestar Chimney Sweep!